3 Golden Rules for Managing Google Reviews

You’ve put a ton of effort into your business, and you’re starting to gain some real traction. Happy customers are eager to post glowing reviews on Google, and soon you’ve got a whole bunch of 5 star reviews. So just sit back and let the good times keep rolling, right?

Not quite.

While it’s true that you should keep doing whatever it is that has created loyal advocates, by following these 3 rules for managing your Google reviews, you’ll be able to raise your online profile, minimize damage from that unfair negative review (there’s always someone!) and create that wave – instead of just riding it.

1. Respond to every review – both positive and negative – with a thank you.

Thank the positive reviewers for sharing, and reiterate their praise. Thank the negative reviewers for bringing the issue to your attention – even if you disagree with them. Every review response presents a new opportunity for you to reinforce your messaging.

We’re so glad we were able to fix your burst pipe and help you avoid a huge disaster right before your big party! Thank you for posting such a glowing review.

We’re sorry you experienced slow service. Thanks to your review, we’ve made a few changes and retrained our staff so that we won’t disappoint again. We hope you’ll give us another chance.

2. Always Build Review Volume

Make it easy for customers to post reviews. Embed links on your website. Put signs around your shop. More reviews mean more chatter about you online, validating your brand message, and positively impacting your search rankings. A large review volume will also minimize the impact of any low-star ratings and negative reviews.

3. Don’t Delete Negative Reviews

Negative reviews can actually work in your favor, as they establish credibility and transparency. And people know when their reviews have been removed! You could be inviting more trouble if you get called out for removing negative reviews.

*Note: If a review contains inappropriate language or appears to be spammy or unrelated to your business, use your best judgment. If you’re unsure, report the suspect review to Google.

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