Alerts & Automation


Give your teams the automation they deserve

Real-time customer feedback during every step of the journey based on Net Promoter Score outcomes

Proactive Alerts

Automated Plays

Team Escalations

Seamless Sales Handoff

Understand your customers needs and delver outcomes that make your customer onboarding as seamless as possible.

Invite all team members to the project

Make sure all your internal team members are working together to keep them all on the same page.

Unlimited Team Collaboration

Know what happens to your leads after the hand-off to sales. View volume and quality of interactions, see how quickly leads are qualified and gain more insight about leads that are scored low by sales.

  • No leads fall through the cracks; a definitive source of truth for lead tracking and scoring

  • Customize dashboards to visualize marketing campaign data in a snap

  • Real-time reports on lead follow-up times, and email opens-and-clicks

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