How to Respond to Negative Reviews

  • 2 years ago
  • By Reptrics Team
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  • Nobody wants to get a negative review. And when it’s unfair or undeserved, it’s natural to want to set the record straight. But getting into a back and forth argument online only gives a negative reviewer more opportunity to press on, invites others to join the discussion, and puts a bad spotlight on your public persona. 

    Here are a few suggestions for responding to negative reviews:

    1. Offer to take the discussion offline, where you can resolve the issue privately. People may even change their review as a result of a satisfying resolution. 
    2. We’re sorry you had a bad experience. Please contact us directly at or 888-555-1212 so we can help you resolve your issue.
    3. Acknowledge their complaints - even if they’re unfair or if they behaved poorly! Don’t call out their bad behavior, just take the opportunity to remind them about company policies.
    4. We understand you were upset. Therefore, as a courtesy, we refunded your account. The safety of our staff and our customers is extremely important to us. We always strive for fun and safe experiences at [Our Family Entertainment Company.]
    5. Thank them for their feedback, apologize for their bad experience, and let them know you’ve taken steps to fix the problem and invite them back.

    We’re so sorry your food took so long to arrive and that it wasn’t up to our usual excellent standards. Our managers have discussed with the staff and we have made some improvements in our kitchen processes. So thank you for helping us get better! We hope you’ll come back and give us another try.  
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