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Is the solution impersonal?

Automation is key to lower dull unnecessary jobs. But customer communication should never be considered neither dull nor unnecessary. Automated communication, even though trying to be personalized, will always be impersonal in the eyes of the customer and will take you away from your core asset - the customer.

Communicating with the customer from the very first touchpoint with your product or service is crucial to success. No automated message can replace your first communication and will also not distinguish you from your competitors in the market.

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Is the solution dictating its way?

Your customer management process needed adjustments to fit the tool you have chosen and even you did everything possible to bend your process in the ‘dictated direction’ you still have the feeling that the tool is omitting you in doing your work the proper way? Something is still missing?

We know that every product and service is different and there are also different ways how to run the business around it. Therefore processes are defined to fit your business. Customer relations are not different only between markets but also between the products they use.

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