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Business-to-Consumer marketing in the financial services industry is extremely challenging, with fierce competition and strict SEC regulations - especially when it comes to online reviews. Everyone’s goals are the same: prove superior expertise, demonstrate unparalleled commitment to customers, distinguish from the competition, generate new leads, and sign new clients. So how can your firm stand out in this highly competitive industry and still adhere to the rules that govern online reviews? Get your clients to tell their stories online. People don’t trust advertising, but they do trust their peers. With Reptrics Review Generator, you can quickly and easily ask your existing customers to write online reviews on popular sites like NerdWallet, WalletHub, Yelp and many others. Generate more reviews from your customers with real-time SMS and email sent right after your customers visit. Send patients to sites that matter most to your practice to sites that matter most to your practice, like Google, Facebook and Vitals.

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Until recently, online reviews were a forbidden fruit for insurance agents, mortgage officers, personal financial planners, etc. due to strict SEC regulations governing deceptive or fraudulent practices. Now, with more relaxed testimonial rules, financial firms can finally start leveraging the many benefits of online reviews. This is good news for your firm because even if your industry is lagging behind, your customers are not. 82% of people begin their search for professional financial services online. Online reviews not only tell your real story, but they provide a huge boost to your ability to be found online. With a proactive online reputation management strategy, your firm can enhance its marketing efforts, generate more leads, get ahead of the competition - and stay compliant. When searching for dental care, 98% of patients choose a dentist on page 1 of search results. Bird-eye keeps all your dental practice information up to date and consistent across 50+ consumer site and business directories and directories. Update your practice listing from one dashboard to auto sync change across the web.

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