Don't let Gainsights complexity slow you down


Tired of paying for functionality you don’t need?

No question - big enterprise solutions offer a lot of functionality. However, very often those features aren't used, worse, they make your work more complicated and slow you down.

Is Gainsight too expensive for you? With the Gainsight price, you might end up paying more than you should for things you don't need.

We build Reptrics with a focus on simplicity and flexibility. We talked to many Customer Success Agents and came up with a product that really helps to get your job done, most of the time cheaper than Gainsight.

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Overwhelmed by the complexity of Gainsight?

Do not let the complexity of the solution stand in your way. Long implementation cycles and configuration processes are not only bad for your efficiency but increase the chance of making the tool unusable for you and your team.

Switching context and tools is not just bad for your efficiency, it also increases the chance of mistakes and bad communications with your customers significantly.

We designed Reptircs in a way that all you need to help your customers is in one place. We also give you all flexibility needed to configure the views according to your personal needs.

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