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Client Reviews Are Your Best Reputation Boosters

Proof of Trustworthiness

Online review management is an absolute must for the legal profession. When people need a lawyer, they first look them up online and scour the reviews to see what previous clients have to say. If they see only a few reviews or worse, negative reviews, they will quickly move on to find someone with a more stellar reputation. They must be able to trust their lawyer. Reptrics for the legal profession ensures that you have a steady stream of new reviews, and an easy-to-use monitoring system, helping you effectively manage your critically important reputation.

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A Good Reputation Costs Less

How much is your good reputation worth to you? Or maybe the better question is: how much will a bad reputation cost you? Reputation management is extremely cost effective to implement, and it also helps mitigate the damage to your reputation that unfettered online reviews can cause. With the Reptrics reputation management platform, you can generate new reviews and professionally respond to negative reviews, humanizing your firm and raising your trust barometer. Reptrics enables you to manage reviews, from one dashboard, on all of the sites used most by people researching lawyers, including, Findlaw, Better Business Bureau and many more.

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