Survey your customers, wherever they are

Everything you need to survey your customers to create delightful experiences.

With NPS and CSAT Surveys you can:

  • Segment customers by loyalty
  • Identify unsatisfied and at-risk customers
  • Optimize around a single customer metric
  • Benchmark against industry and competitor scores
  • Uncover customer loyalty drivers
  • Monitor improvements in products, services and across the entire customer journey

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Understand and manage your online reputation

Your customers share their experiences on social media. And your potential customers use those reviews to decide if they want to use your services.

67% of customers are influenced by online reviews, and a one-star improvement can increase revenue by as much as 39%.

Reptrics helps you identify trends in your brand’s online reputation by pulling in social data from key sites automatically, proactively solicit positive reviews, and close the loop publicly with detractors.

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