Tips for Generating More Reviews

There’s no question anymore that if you want want your businesses to thrive in today’s “Google it” and “Hey Siri” local search market, you need as many happy customers as possible to share their positive experiences online. And the more the merrier! Abundant online reviews mean more exposure for your business, and if managed properly, are critical business drivers.

So how do you go about building review volume? Here are several tips to help you generate more online reviews:

  1. Register your business with Google My Business. Most research begins online with a Google search. Make sure you’ve claimed your business and are registered where all the action starts.
  2. Register on 3rd party review sites where your customers will most likely be searching for your services. There are hundreds of review sites across the web, different for every industry. People may already be posting about you and if you’re not there to respond, you could be missing out on potential customers.

  3. Be proactive. Ask for a review while the experience is fresh. Put signs around your store. Provide links to review sites in your checkout and follow-up processes, both online and on receipts. *Note: Follow the rules about soliciting reviews. Many review sites have strict policies about soliciting reviews, and some even forbid it. Be sure to understand these policies.

  4. Respond to every review – both positive and negative. This humanizes your online presence and makes people more eager to join your community and sing your praises.

For more about how to grow your business by leverage online reviews, visit our website and find your industry.

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