Reptrics beats Totango here is why


Is the functionality you don’t even need expensive?

Customer Success solutions that are targeting big enterprises usually come with a lot of features and options. Yet, all these functionalities often aren't used, or even worse, they slow down the work in the customer success team as they make workflows unnecessarily complex.

Due to this extras you often pay more than you should. With Totango’s price, for example, you might be paying more than you should and put a heavy number to your budget.

Simple usage and flexible views had been our focus while designing and developing Reptrics. Interviews with Customer Success Agents helped us to understand what is really needed.

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Is Totango too complex?

By switching from tool to tool you are harming your work efficiency and increasing the chance of errors in the customer communication.

The complexity of a system can hold you back. Dealing with a long implementation and complex setup processes is bad for your efficiency and also increasing the chance of the system working against you and your team instead of helping you.

With Reptrics you will see all you need to help your customers on one page. To aid your personal needs, you have the flexibility to configure your views just how you think they help you best.

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