Customer Success Metrics


NPS VS CSAT: A Definitive Guide on Customer Satisfaction Metrics

Table of Contents In the world of B2B SaaS, customer satisfaction is one of the most critical metrics for measuring success. Two of the most commonly used methods to gauge customer satisfaction are the Net Promoter Score (NPS) and Customer … Read More


GRR vs NRR: What is best for Customer Success and your B2B SaaS?

Net Revenue Retention (NRR) and Gross Revenue Retention (GRR) are two important metrics used to measure the revenue growth of a business. NRR measures the percentage of revenue retained from existing customers, while GRR measures the percentage of revenue retained … Read More

Important Customer Success Metric Number 1: A Deep Dive into Net Retention Revenue

As businesses look to build lasting relationships with their customers and drive sustainable growth, customer success has become a critical function for B2B SaaS companies. However, measuring the impact of customer success efforts can be challenging, with a wide range … Read More