Establish personalized customer experience with easy segmentation

Achievable and Scalable Customer Success with Customer Segmentation


Simple Setup

Detailed Feedback

Segmentation with Multiple Attributes

Set multiple conditions to segment customers based on attributes such as health, product usage, NPS score, demography, use case, etc

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Data-driven decision for personalized outreach

Get the customer data you need to take action and automate customer campaigns for personalized customer experience.

Prioritize accounts with high churn risk & revenue-generating potential

CSMs don’t have to decide where to spend time, your segments already have the answer

  • Instead of searching through your database to see which clients are most valuable, start your day with those on the priority list.

  • Account level and user level segmentation to pay attention to clients who are likely to make more money for you.

  • Group customers based on data such as purchase history, engagement level, browsing behavior, etc for better segmentation.

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