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Customer Success Workflow

Make your Customer Success Workflows work for you- Guide on building Actionable Workflows

Throughout your usage of the software, you engaged with various teams, such as sales and product development. Despite this, every time you sought assistance, you felt that all parties were in sync.  They were aware of your identity, software usage, … Read More

What is Customer Journey Mapping? The Hows, Whys & Best Practices

Customer success is a crucial aspect of any business that wants to retain its customers and grow its revenue. One key tool for achieving customer success is journey mapping. A customer success journey map is a visual representation of the … Read More

Customer Success Playbooks: Definition, Process, Templates & More

Customer success playbooks are essential tools for businesses that are looking to build long-lasting relationships with their customers. A customer success playbook is a comprehensive guide that outlines the steps, processes, and strategies a company should use to ensure its … Read More

How to get your Customer Success Budget Approved during a Recession

Every fiscal year, discussions regarding establishing the annual budget take place. As a CS leader, you must take the brunt of these situations because customer success is still in its formative years. It becomes very challenging for you as a … Read More

Customer Success events 2023

Top 10 Customer Success Conferences to attend in 2023

Top 10 Customer Success Conferences to attend in 2023 The best customer success conference provide an opportunity to learn from the top minds in the industry and network with like-minded professionals. From sharing best practices to exploring new trends, these … Read More

Recession to Force Customer Success to be more Efficient

Newsflash: Markets are unstable, inflation is high, and it appears that a recession is certain. Even while it could seem like the end of the world, or at the very least extremely frightening, it has occurred before and it will … Read More

Customer Success trends 2023

2023 is the Year for Customer Success: Trends that Tell Us Why

Peaks and dips in growth were experienced during 2022 due to the rapid company transformation and changes in the global economy. The way in which organizations serve their customers will alter significantly during the coming year as they attempt to … Read More

Customer Churn Analysis: Understanding & Segmenting Churn

Churn is a company-wide problem. You cannot overlook it or just let customer success take the blame for it. It is also inevitable but analyzing it will help you gauge your processes and understand the choke points in your customer journey. … Read More