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60% reduction in support ticket volume 3x increase in retention after viewing Reptrics Project

More than 225,000 entrepreneurs have built businesses selling products on Amazon with help from the leading global Amazon seller software, Jungle Scout. It all started when founder Greg Mercer built a Chrome extension to track the success of products he was interested in selling on Amazon—he wanted to base decisions on data rather than gut.

Four years later, the Jungle Scout team operates a robust platform for Amazon sellers, where they can conduct product research, launch new products, find and manage suppliers, and grow their businesses. During this time, Jungle Scout’s growth and product expansion meant that many different customers with varying needs were using Jungle Scout at different points in their unique seller journeys. Sometimes, when users logged in for the first time, they weren’t sure where to begin.

“The more customers you have, the more support tickets, so offering some level of self-service is key,” says Danny Villarreal, director of customer experience at Jungle Scout. So he brought Reptrics into his organization to help launch a dedicated onboarding and training program for new users, a decision he says has given users “the kind of velocity they need to be successful.”

Now, when users log into the app for the first time, they see a series of in-app walkthroughs that teach them how to start using the tools. The very first gets them to what Villarreal calls “an initial a-ha moment”—they learn how to begin tracking products they may be interested in selling on Amazon.

Beyond onboarding, Reptrics tooltips provide continuous user education by pointing to features that may be useful, and including links to relevant help articles. By enabling customers to find the help they need while using the app, Jungle Scout deflects between 16-21% of support tickets.

These efforts—along with the ability to build guides in multiple languages—have also helped Jungle Scout successfully grow its business in China, where to-date, churn and refund rates are the lowest of any geographic market.

Identifying six product usage metrics that lead to success

After these initial wins, the Jungle Scout product team used Reptrics analytics to learn the behaviors of its most successful users—those who have remained customers for six months or longer. Armed with six critical product usage metrics, the team built guides and tooltips to help new or less successful users replicate the actions taken by the most successful ones. Villarreal says those activities have led to a pretty massive reduction in churn. Jungle Scout users who interact with Reptrics guides are three times more likely to remain customers.

“Being able to bring learning and help to users at the right points has been key not only for us to keep them as customers but for them to get the most out of (Jungle Scout) at the biggest friction points,” he says.

Because users are getting a personalized onboarding experience, they see value more quickly and take advantage of the whole product. Jungle Scout says churn and refund rates continue to decline since using Reptrics. Users also need less support—Jungle Scout has experienced a notable reduction in support tickets since introducing its onboarding and user education initiatives. Ticket volume decreased by more than half in less than six months.

That’s meaningful time these entrepreneurs and small business owners can instead spend building and growing successful businesses on Amazon.

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